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We Offer Reliable Rentals

Our reliable rental fleet features newer model vehicles. We rent security vehicles, 2 passenger vehicles, 4 passenger vehicles, shuttle vehicles, utility vehicles, and gators. Custom upgrades for all vehicles are available upon request. Some of our vehicles come standardly equipped with custom upgrades to support for heavy-duty operation.

When you rent a vehicle with Regal, we are responsible for its wear and tear. In the event the vehicle has a problem or breaks-down, Regal will repair the vehicle free of charge, or provide you with a replacement vehicle. Repair of vehicles and associated parts due to abuse or improper operation is excluded.
Yes, we offer custom-tailored service plan solutions. We will assess your needs and work together with you to find the best solution for your needs. Our plans offer preventive maintenance and enhanced customized service. Recommended for fleet and heavy-duty operation needs.
Yes, we rent vehicles with custom-installed accessories. We can install a variety of custom parts and accessories on our vehicles to support for different operating needs. Some vehicle modifications may require a minimum rental period.